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Other CollectablesOther Collectables
Golf Balls are not just sought after if they are an antique! There are many highly sought after golf balls ranging from golf course logo balls to the highly collectible Ping golf balls.
Ping Balls
Ping golf balls are a highly sought after golf ball, until recently Ping manuafctured a two tone golf ball called Eye. One half would be one colour and the other half a different colour - the idea of this ball was to help with putting practice.

There were many unusual colour combinations made such as Silver and Gold and these can fetch in excess of .0 in good condition. The standard multi coloured Ping Eyes fetch between .. each.

Logo Balls
It is fair to say that logo balls will never be worth a great deal of money but the enjoyment factor for the collectors is emense. Some collectors will just collect logos of golf courses, others will collect beer logo's etc.

There is a huge world wide market for these lines and many established collectors circles are in place to enable people all over the world to swap or sell logo balls. A majority of logo ball collectors do so for fun and not for financial gain and most logo balls fetch between .00 - .00 in mint condition.

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Cartoon Balls
Both Disney and Warner Bros sell golf balls displaying the favourite cartoon characters, these are then sought after not only by golf ball collectors but collectors of disney membrobillia as well.

Again these balls are not high in value and you would expect a dozen to fetch between ..00- ..00 in good condition.

Championship Balls
After saying that logo balls are not neccesarily highly valuable - the championship logo balls from past Open's and major events such as the Ryder Cup are always highly sought after by logo collectors worldwide.

Some of the open logo balls from courses such as Lytham St Annes, St Andrews, Carnoustie etc will fetch in excess of ..00 in good condition.

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Other Balls
In addition to the above categories there is also many unusual golf balls that have been manufcatued over the years. For example the two lines shown here are golf balls made to look like a tennis ball and basket ball others include clear golf balls with bank notes inside and many many more.

These lines are purely valued on what people will pay for them - for example the tennis ball has fetched in excess of ..00 on one occasion and .25 on another.