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Signature Golf BallsSignature Golf Balls
This is a fast growing sector with Signature balls becoming highly sought after. Signature balls have been used since the early 1900's. The first balls found with signatures on them were bramble golf balls from the early 1900's - due to the scarceness of brambles alone, one found with a signature is likely to fetch .0.00 - .0.00 dependant on the name and condition.

During the mesh period, signature balls become more common as leading manufacturers sought high profile players such as Walter Hogan, Henry Cotton etc to endorse their range of golf balls. This is still common practice today.

  John Daly

  Billy Casper
With the onset of the early dimple balls during the 1940's signature balls were being used quite frequently and many of the early mass produced golf balls by Spalding and Dunlop carried the name of a high profile golfer of the day and made popular mens gifts.

(I wonder if they knew, that in the year 2000 Nike would pay some multi million sum for Tiger Woods Signature on their golf balls).

The use of top players endorsing certain golf balls is still common today and is used as a marketing tool by the leading manufacturers.

Signature balls vary greatly in their worth dependant on the name of the golfer and the era it is from.

For example a Walter signature mesh ball in good condition will fetch as much as .-.0, a Henry Cotton on a 1940's dimple ball would fetch .-. dependant on condition.

Tiger Woods Signature balls buck the trend with a Titleist Professional with his printed signature, recently selling for ..00 at auction.

.A.E. Penfold