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Allow us to transport you back to the 1400.s to the fields where golf had its beginnings, playing with crude sticks with rough heads crafted from beech, apple or pear trees and hitting a ball made from wood. Then on to the windswept links courses of Scotland in the 17th Century with your club in your hand and your prized feathery golf ball on the tee.

Learn how the most renown feathery maker of them all . purchased as many gutty percha balls as he could in the mid 1800.s only to burn them all in a field in a bid to stop the ball replacing the feathery. How the gutty percha golf ball was originally smooth and it wasn.t until golfers realized that the more play the guttys had, the more they marked . the better they played.

It wasn.t long before the gutty golf balls manufacturer realized this and began to create hand carved markings on all their balls to improve the aerodynamics. See the 100.s of different types of rubber core nike golf balls created during the early 1900.s as golfs popularity exploded, and golf ball manufacturers fought to create the winning formula.

Discover the soaring value of antique golf balls with feathery golf balls fetching up to �20,000, and unusual pattern balls up to �10,000 each. Finally visit our museum shop and auction site and take home a piece of golfing history.

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